For professionals in the architecture and construction industries:

  • Visits of architectural works and construction sites

  • Organization of seminars for architects and commissioners

  • Meetings between French and foreign agencies

  • Guided tours of the Pavillon de l’Arsenal, the Center for information, documentation and exhibition for urban planning and architecture of Paris


Paris in Progress:discover major construction sites

Construction projects often follow two distinct timeframes: the first is a set calendar that outlines dates for completion of the different stages; the second, more relative, is that of the completed project coming to life and creating links with the surrounding environment and community. This latter characteristic of new projects is what makes each initiative a fascinating symbol of a rapidly changing city.

Every year Paris holds more than one hundred competitions to designate the best new or renovated housing, offices, public spaces and works of art.This tour highlights the challenges and specificities of different urban planning initiatives in Paris, including constraints involving the architect’s design concept, noise levels, choice of building materials, engineering and/or cost.

Sites to be visited: (construction site timeframes permitting)

  • Châtelet-Les Halles (1st arr.) (David Mangin and Patrick Berger)

  • La Philharmonie (19th arr.) (Jean Nouvel)

  • Clichy-Batignolles neighborhood and its transformation (17th arr.)



Tours may be guided by an architect from the agency responsible for the project (schedule permitting).

Length : 2 hours
Group visits: 10 to 15 participants
Prices : from 680 euros HT Special day-trip Visit + itinerary On demand



Architrip can work with you to create and organize professional seminars in France or abroad. We will identify the most appropriate destination and relevant speakers and serve as your guide on site.

You will also be provided with information about major contemporary architectural landmarks at your destination including architect-designed restaurants and hotels, cultural sites, museums and exhibits.

  • METZ : Urban development around the Centre Georges Pompidou

Themes and analysis: 

  • Major zones of development and the impact of the Centre Georges Pompidou – Metz

  • Transforming the Manufacture de tabac des Deux Rives into a residential building

[note color=”blue”]Length: 2-3 days

Destination and themes to be determined. [/note]


Architects at work

Would you like to know more about French work methods or the work environment of architects in Paris?  Or perhaps you would like to share your ideas and experience?

Architrip can facilitate and organize meetings with architecture and urban planning agencies.

[note color=”blue”]

How it works: Let us know your requirements by completing our selection form and our team will find the agency best suited to your needs.[/note]


Visit of the Pavillon de l’Arsenal: Paris, a city in the making

The Pavillon de l’Arsenal is the Center for information, documentation and exhibition for urban planning and architecture of Paris and the metropolitan area. It is a unique place, where information concerning urban development and architectural achievements in Paris is available to everyone.

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Length: 90 minutes
Group visits only (price on demand)


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